June 2009

TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM   June 2009 : “1st Unit”

Gallery TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM (Mitropoleos 12, Thessaloniki GR, tel. 0030 2310 257552), is proud to present the “1st Unit”, an exhibition of painting and construction by the students of Yiannis Fokas and Vangelis Pliarides in School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki.The young artists participating are : Andrias Konstantinos, Antonopoulou Christina, Savvoulidis Antonis, Stratakis Anastasis, Stratoglou Ioanna. The purpose of this exhibition is the motivation of the students for thriving more, since the selection of the students participating is really strict and opens the horizones for a future corporation and a successful career.It is already known that the gallery has made successful selections of young artists and this is reflected into the art market as well.

Opening day : 16 June, 2009

Duration : 16 June – 10 July, 2009

Stratakis, Andrias, Stratoglou, Tsatsis, Fokas, Savvoulidis, Antonopoulou, Pliarides


Andrias Konstantinos


Antonopoulou Christina


Savvoulidis Antonis


Stratakis Anastasis