Shanghai Art Fair 2006 | ARTFORUM GALLERY

Shanghai Art Fair 2006

Shanghai Art Fair 2006 (Shanghai) –  16-20 November 2006


Gallery TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM (12 Mitropoleos, Thessaloniki GR, tel. 0030 2310 257552) is proud of being the only greek gallery participating in the 10th Shanghai Art Fair, in 16-20 November, 2006, with a set of artworks made by Theodoros, Stamos Theodoros, Noda Masaaki, Michaeledes Michael, Marijanovic Stanislav, Xceron, Xenos Giorgos, Pliarides Vangelis, Christodoulides Savvas, Fokas Yiannis, Manoussakis Michalis and Lekakis.


During Shanghai Art Fair ’06, in the booth place of TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM, took place exclusive performances of the popular twin sisters of Shanghai, Cara and Celine, who made impression.


After the end of Shanghai Art Fair ’06 Tsatsis Pantelis, Tsatsi Eva, Efstathiou Takis and Noda Masaaki traveled to Japan.

Noda Masaaki, Tsatsi Eva, Tsatsis Pantelis, Efstathiou Takis                    Efstathiou Takis, Tsatsi Eva, Tsatsis Pantelis