Avramidis Vasilis & Avgeris Stelios


April 2009

Gallery TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM (Mitropoleos 12, Thessaloniki GR, tel. 0030 2310 257552), is proud to present 2 solo exhibitions of painting, by Avramidis Vasilis & Avgeris Stelios, two recognized and famous already artists of the younger generation.

Opening day: 11 April 2009

Opening hour: 12:00 – 20:00

Duration : 11 April – 5 May, 2009

Avramidis Vasilis

Born in 1981. Graduated from School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki. He has been awarded for his work, in the 3rd Biennale of Schools of Fine Arts, in 2004. Through his work, he shows how can somebody lose or gain his power, using mechanisms such as defence and offence. Everything takes place in a fantastic world.

Avgeris Stelios

Born in 1977. Graduated from School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki and recently accomplished his postgraduate studies in England. He states: “I don’t like power show” and in his works he presents, he comments in is own and unique way the complexity and his dissatisfaction with how the expressions of power can communicate.