Kavvatha Antigoni, Stamatiou Konstantinos


October 2008

Gallery TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM (Mitropoleos 12, Thessaloniki GR, tel. 0030 2310 257552), is proud to present 2 solo exhibitions by Kavvatha Antigoni & Stamatiou Konstantinos.

Opening day: 18 October 2008

Opening hour: 11:00 – 20:00

Duration: 18 October – 8 November 2008

Stamatiou Konstantinos

The works exhibited are three-dimensional interpretations of charts from the New York stock exchange of companies, which produce alternative energy fuel. The materials used are recycled water bottles, used electrical wires and drinking straws. They are part of a series based on different kinds of charts.

Stamatiou Konstantinos was born in Athens, Greece, and nowadays lives and works in New York. He has studied sculpture and media in San Francisco, Austin Texas and New York.

Kavvatha Antigoni

Antigoni deals with the world of shadows, in black and white compositions, manipulating them to suggest what is not there. She infuses them with substance by detaching them from the real objects and assigns them the role of a mirror, creating idols, images, and scenarios not through their forms but through their projected images. She deceives our senses and presents us with phantom world, where shadow is a comment rather than an alibi.