Michaeledes Michael, Noda Masaaki


September 2007

TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM September 2007: Michaeledes Michael & Noda Masaaki

Gallery TSATSIS PROJECTS / ARTFORUM (Mitropoleos 12, Thessaloniki GR, tel. 0030 2310 257552), is proud to present the work of 2 famous and recognised artists, Michaeledes Michael & Noda Masaaki.

Opening day: 10 September, 2007

Opening hour: 19:00 – 23:00

Duration: 10 – 30 September 2007

Noda Masaaki

He was born in 1949, at Fukuyama city, Hiroshima, Japan. In 1969, he decided to study at the Osaka University of Arts and in 1977, he left Japan for New York where he is currently living and working. His first solo exhibition took place in 1972. He had many solo and even more group exhibitions around the world. In 2005 the sculpture “Apollo’s Mirror” was installed in the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.”Noda’s sculptures work with the environment to create harmony. He is a conductor of the orchestra called space”.

Michaeledes Michael

Born in 1927 Cairo. He studied art and architecture in Italy and England. In 1954, he won the Philadelphios Panhellenic poetry competition in Athens. He is currently living and working in London and Florence. He is an artist of Annely Juda Fine Art since 1963. “In the work of Michaeledes there is always the immanently analogical, the emblematic and the metaphoric. The plasticity of abstract form and the light that defines it are in themselves poetic qualities”. His works are in innumerable public and private collections around the world.